Experience the Art of Japanese Tea with the Kuro Raku Chawan

Hojicha Co. Unveils a Rare Collection of Black Raku Tea Bowls Crafted by Motoo Kawasaki of Raku Studio Waraku in Kyoto

TORONTO, ON, April 25, 2023 - HOJICHA TRADING CO. LTD. (Hojicha Co.) is delighted to introduce the Kuro Raku Chawan, a limited series of authentic Japanese Raku tea bowls. This elegant piece of teaware is handcrafted by Motoo Kawasaki, an 8th generation craftsman at the prestigious Raku Studio Waraku in Kyoto, Japan.

The Kuro Raku Chawan captures the essence of wabi-cha, a style of Japanese tea ceremony that emphasizes simplicity and the appreciation of natural imperfections. Hand-formed using the age-old Tezukune technique, the Raku tea bowl stands as a symbol of the harmonious fusion of history, art, and craftsmanship.

Danielle Geva, Co-Founder of Hojicha Co., shares: "The Kuro Raku Chawan transcends its function as a tea bowl; it is a genuine work of art showcasing Japanese craftsmanship. By sharing this piece with our customers, we hope to inspire them to appreciate the art of Japanese tea, and to incorporate moments of mindfulness into their daily lives."

Suitable for the Japanese tea ceremony practice as well as daily tea preparation, the Kuro Raku Chawan encourages you to slow down and appreciate the moment. The tea bowl can also be showcased as a captivating work of art, inspiring an appreciation for life's beauty.

The Kuro Raku Chawan can be acquired exclusively on Hojicha Co.'s website and will be delivered to customers located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom starting April 25, 2023.

About Raku Studio Waraku

Established around 1830 in Kyoto, Japan, Raku Studio Waraku has cultivated a rich heritage in crafting exceptional Raku pottery. Now led by Motoo Kawasaki, the 8th generation master, the studio specializes in creating unique Raku bowls and a variety of tea ceremony essentials. Raku Studio Waraku is committed to promoting the timeless elegance of Raku pottery and sharing its culture with a global audience.

About Hojicha Co.

Hojicha Co. brings the authentic hojicha experience to homes and shops by offering freshly roasted green tea made from tea leaves grown exclusively in Kyoto, Japan. As the leading supplier of Japanese roasted green tea, Hojicha Co. offers a wide range of tea leaves and the original Hojicha Powder, the key ingredient for the famous hojicha latte.

SOURCE Hojicha Co.

For further information: Email: hi@hojicha.co, Phone: 1-866-416-5913

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