About Us

Hojicha Co. is the first and only brand to specialize in freshly roasted green tea from Kyoto, Japan.

Originating in Kyoto in the 1920’s, roasted green tea has long remained one of Japan’s best kept secrets. The pleasant aroma and the unique taste of roasted green tea, which is known as hojicha in Japanese, has become a staple in homes and cafes across Japan.

Today in Kyoto, it is customary for cafes to welcome guests with a cup of the aromatic hojicha. The unique roasted flavor of hojicha has also become widely used ice cream, baked goods, and confectioneries.

Hojicha Co. brings the authentic hojicha experience to homes and shops outside of Japan by offering freshly roasted hojicha made from tea leaves grown exclusively in Kyoto. As the leading supplier of hojicha in North America and the UK, we offer a wide range of roasted green tea leaves and the original Hojicha Powder, the key ingredient for the famous hojicha latte.

Company Profile

Incorporation January 2016
Mailing Addresses

Hojicha Co. (USA)
228 E 45th St, Rm 9E, New York, NY, 10017 USA

Hojicha Co. (Canada)
3-35 Stone Church Rd, Suite 378, Ancaster, ON, M5A 1M3

Hojicha Co. (France)
78 Allée Primavera, UBIDOCA Center 21708, Pringy, Annecy, 74370

Phone 1-866-416-5913
Email hi@hojicha.co

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