Collection: Ground Hojicha

What is ground hojicha

Ground hojicha is the powdered form of loose leaf hojicha, a roasted green tea originating in Kyoto, Japan. Unlike traditional Japanese green tea, hojicha is roasted after the leaves are steamed. The naturally sweet roasted green tea can then be finely ground to create Hojicha Powder.

Why should you try ground hojicha

The versatile ground hojicha powder is optimal for when you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy roasted green tea. If you’re craving a roasted milk tea or a hojicha latte, you don’t need to reach for the infuser when using our ground hojicha powder.

Ground hojicha is also ideal for baking, as you don’t have to spend extra time grinding loose leaf tea yourself. Since our ground hojicha powder is superfine, you also don’t need to worry about tough stems in your baked goods or beverages.

How to use ground hojicha

Our finely ground Hojicha Powder is incredibly smooth and easily dissolves in either hot or cold water. This makes our ground Hojicha Powder ideal for both creamy hot lattes, as well as refreshing iced lattes. Use only one teaspoon of hojicha powder per cup to enjoy the intense roasted green tea flavor.

When baking, ground Hojicha Powder can be used as a substitute for either coffee or matcha green tea powder. Try ground hojicha in ice-cream, cakes, cookies, and any other of your favorite desserts.

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