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Hojicha Co.

Hojicha Hanko Tote

Hojicha Hanko Tote

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Wherever the day takes you, the Hojicha Hanko Tote is here to help you comfortably carry your belongings and show your love for hojicha.

The cotton canvas tote bag features the Hojicha Co. logo in black and red-orange. The minimalist logo is made memorable by the distinct symbol inspired by a Japanese hanko stamp. Upon a closer look at the round symbol, the elegant thin lines and purposely placed rising sun form the word "hojicha". The circle is intentionally left incomplete to represent the beauty of imperfection in the universe, a wonderful reminder as you stroll through the city or explore the great outdoors with the tote by your side.

The Hojicha Hanko design was screen printed at OHTAS in Kyoto, Japan. The printing shop specializes in digital screen printing, a process they have perfected over the years. OHTAS has developed innovative screen making machines and unique inks that made it possible to create a tote bag with an exceptionally crisp logo design.

The Hojicha Hanko Tote is the perfect size for carrying tea and teaware on the go, a book or notebook as you head to your favorite café, or your everyday essentials while running errands. It is also durable enough to be used for shopping or as a grocery bag making it a practical and stylish option you'll want to keep handy.

Material: Cotton canvas
Dimensions: W 33 x H 39 cm
Screen printing: OHTAS Co., Ltd.

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