How to Prepare Hojicha Powder

In this video, we demonstrate how to prepare Hojicha Powder before turning it into your favorite hojicha latte using three different methods.

The Simple Spoon Method

The easiest way to prepare hojicha powder is by using a spoon the same way you'd make a hot cocoa. Simply add a teaspoon of our ultrafine hojicha powder with a spoon, then add no more than 60 ml of filtered water. Stir the hojicha powder until dissolved, and then add more water or your desired milk and sweetener (we recommend using oat milk and maple syrup).

The Fast Frother Wand Method

If you've got a handheld milk frother, you can whisk up hojicha powder in no time. Again, start with a teaspoon of hojicha powder and very little warm filtered water (maximum 60 ml). Then watch as your frother wand dissolves the hojicha powder while creating a satisfying foam. Add more water or, while you've got it out, use the frother to create a rich hojicha latte.

The Traditional Whisk Method

The traditional whisk method guarantees the smoothest hojicha, as well as transforms your hojicha preparation into a meditative experience. Measure approximately one teaspoon of hojicha powder using a bamboo scoop (chashaku) into your tea bowl (chawan), and proceed to add 60 ml of warm filtered water. Hold your tea bowl with one hand, and hold your bamboo whisk (chasen) in the other. Use a gentle circular motion to break up large clumps, then switch to a rapid zig zag pattern to whisk up the hojicha powder. Add more water, or pour the tea over milk for a kyoto style iced hojicha latte.