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Yasaburo Tanimura

Hojicha Whisk

Hojicha Whisk

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The Hojicha Whisk is handcrafted by 25th generation chasen master Yasaburo Tanimura in the village of Takayama, Nara.

A single piece of elegant black bamboo is carved by hand to create the strong yet flexible Hojicha Whisk. Made using a technique that has been perfected for over 500 years, this traditional Japanese tea whisk is the best way to prepare an incredibly smooth and creamy bowl of hojicha every time.

The Hojicha Whisk is the ideal tool for whisking Hojicha Powder, and is designed for both thin and thick tea preparation. The mindful practice of using an authentic Takayama chasen brings a sense of calm and focus to tea preparation. This peaceful ritual enhances the appreciation and enjoyment of Japanese tea at home.

The Hojicha Whisk is exclusive to our shop and features a striking bright red thread. Each black bamboo whisk comes in a box with a stamp of authenticity issued by Japan's Traditional Craft Industry Promotion Association.

While mass-produced bamboo whisks are made with harmful chemicals and break easily due to poor construction, no chemicals or machines are used by true Japanese artisans. Authentic bamboo chasen are handmade individually with careful attention to detail and the patience required to craft an intricate and durable tea whisk. The unique variations and natural beauty of the black bamboo make each artisanal Hojicha Whisk a one of a kind collectible.

Made in Japan. Please expect and embrace slight variations in color, size, or shape since this item is crafted from natural bamboo.

How to care for your Hojicha Whisk

Before each use, soften the bristles of the Hojicha Whisk by immersing them in hot water. This makes the bristles more flexible to better whisk the matcha or Hojicha Powder and preserve the bamboo.

After each use, clean the Hojicha Whisk by rinsing it in hot water without the use of any soap. Then let the tea utensil dry completely to protect it from mould. Sudden changes in temperature and humidity may lead to cracks, so be sure to store the Hojicha Whisk in a cool and dark place.

How to use your Hojicha Whisk

Start by softening the Hojicha Whisk in hot water. Then add 1 teaspoon of Hojicha Powder to a tea bowl along with 60 ml of 80°C (175°F) filtered water. Hold the Hojicha Whisk vertically with your dominant hand, and secure the tea bowl with your other hand.

Gently break down any large clumps of tea powder. Then move your wrist back and forth, whisking in a zigzag motion. Imagine drawing the letter M or W, while being careful to only lightly touch the bottom of the tea bowl. Once the Hojicha Powder is fully suspended in the water, carefully lift the Hojicha Whisk upright and rinse in hot water until clean.

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