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Yasaburo Tanimura

Bamboo Whisk (Takayama Chasen)

Bamboo Whisk (Takayama Chasen)

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The Bamboo Whisk (Takayama Chasen) is a handcrafted tea utensil designed for the preparation of Japanese tea powder. It is an indispensable tool in the Japanese way of tea.

This authentic Takayama Chasen is crafted from locally grown bamboo by Yasaburo Tanimura, one of the only 18 remaining chasen masters in the village of Takayama, Nara Prefecture.

The type of tea whisk used and the whisking technique can greatly influence the taste of tea. This 80 prong (Hachijyuppondate) bamboo tea whisk is especially suited for preparing usucha (thin tea) with an even layer of fine foam.

Bring a quiet moment of inner peace to each day through the simple act of preparing tea with the Bamboo Whisk. Relax your mind, and with practice your hands will move naturally as the Bamboo Whisk perfectly disperses matcha or Hojicha Powder to create a satisfying bowl of tea.

The Bamboo Whisk is made from white bamboo, and is finished with curled tips (Senke style) with an elegant black thread. Each Bamboo Whisk is securely packaged in a beautiful paper box with a stamp of authenticity issued by the Traditional Craft Industry Promotion Association of Japan, and a designation for all schools of Sadō (way of tea).

Made in Japan. Please expect and embrace slight variations in color, size, or shape since this item is crafted from natural bamboo. Black Katakuchi sold separately.

How to care for your Bamboo Whisk

The proper care and storage can help extend the life of the Bamboo Whisk. Start by first admiring the shape of your new Bamboo Whisk, as it will change subtly and uncurl once it becomes wet and with its continued usage. When you're ready to enjoy a bowl of tea, preserve the natural bamboo by first softening the bristles in hot water. This will increase their flexibility and prepare them for whisking the tea powder.

After whisking, rinse the Bamboo Whisk bristles in hot water as soon as possible. Remove any residue by gently wiping the bristles with your fingers, and without the use of sponges or soap of any kind.

Maintain the shape of the Bamboo Whisk by placing it on a Whisk Holder. Let it dry naturally, and store in a well-ventilated and shaded spot away from heat and direct sunlight. Keep the Bamboo Whisk from being exposed to sudden changes in temperature or humidity level, as these may cause the raw bamboo to crack.

How to use your Bamboo Whisk

Prepare tea with a Bamboo Whisk by first immersing the bristles in hot water to make them pliable. Add 1 teaspoon of tea powder or 2 scoops using a chashaku (bamboo scoop) into a chawan (tea bowl) or katakuchi (bowl with spout). Pour 60 ml of 80°C (175°F) filtered water into the bowl.

Hold the Bamboo Whisk firmly by the handle with your thumb and forefinger of one hand, and secure the bowl in place with your opposite hand. Place the Bamboo Whisk in the middle of the bowl vertically, and avoid any downward pressure or excessive contact with the bottom or the sides while whisking. Start by slowly dispersing the tea powder, then begin whisking by moving your wrist in a zigzag motion to create the letter M or W. If desired, increase the speed to create foam. When the larger bubbles transform to an even layer of foam, lift the Bamboo Whisk slightly and slowly whisk to pop any remaining bubbles. Finish by drawing the figure の (the character 'no' in Japanese Hiragana), and then carefully lift the Bamboo Whisk from the center.

Clean the bristles with hot water while gently removing any remaining tea powder with your fingers. Place the Bamboo Whisk on a Whisk Holder (Naoshi), and let it dry naturally.

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