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Hojicha Co.

Hojicha Genmai

Hojicha Genmai

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Hojicha Genmai is a Japanese roasted green tea mixed with roasted brown rice.

Hojicha and roasted brown rice come together in perfect harmony to create a rich and aromatic tea with a satisfying nutty flavor.

This rare combination is inspired by Genmaicha, which is typically made with unroasted green tea. Genmaicha originated in the early 1920's at one of Kyoto's oldest tea shops. The owner was inspired by the hot water and roasted rice served before the tea ceremony. The fragrant rice made for a delicious addition to green tea, and quickly became common across Japan.

Hojicha Genmai is made from tea leaves grown in Kyoto, which are steamed, rolled, and dried. The tea leaves are then roasted in small batches each month, and mixed with roasted brown rice right before being packaged.

When you open Hojicha Genmai, you'll notice the small puffed rice among the tea leaves. Their distinctive fragrance will intensify once they are steeped, and they will remain flavorful for many subsequent steeps.

Prepare Hojicha Genmai by steeping 8 grams in 240 ml of 80°C (175°F) water for 60 seconds.

Ingredients: Japanese green tea, short grain brown rice
Origin: Kyoto, Japan

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