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Hojicha Co.

Hojicha Light Roast

Hojicha Light Roast

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Hojicha Light Roast is a Japanese roasted green tea with a sweet aroma and a lightly toasted flavor that is smooth and refreshing.

If you've ever had the good fortune to visit Kyoto, you may have heard some of the locals refer to hojicha as bancha. Comparable to how matcha is made by first producing tea leaves called tencha, hojicha is traditionally crafted by roasting tea leaves known as bancha.

Bancha is a common Japanese green tea with thick and coarse leaves, and is the type of tea used to create Hojicha Light Roast, Hojicha Classic, and Hojicha Dark Roast.

Hojicha Light Roast is made by expertly roasting bancha just enough to remove any bitterness and bring out a subtle toastiness. The lighter roast preserves the original characteristics of green tea to perfectly highlight the unique flavor profile of Kyoto grown tea leaves.

This single-origin hojicha will delight both roasted tea lovers and green tea drinkers with its multilayered taste and with the inviting golden green hue of its leaves.

Prepare Hojicha Light Roast by steeping 8 grams of tea leaves in 240 ml of 80°C (175°F) filtered water for 30 seconds. Experience the delicate sweetness of this tea and its changing characteristics in subsequent infusions. Please feel free to adjust the amount of tea leaves, water quantity or temperature, and steeping time to find your favorite taste.

Hojicha Light Roast is crafted and packaged fresh in Kyoto, ready to be delivered to your home or shop. Our small batch roasted green tea contains no additives and is made from 100% Japanese green tea.

Ingredients: 100% Japanese green tea
Origin: Kyoto, Japan

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