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Hojicha Co.

Hojicha Gold Roast

Hojicha Gold Roast

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Hojicha Gold Roast is a Japanese roasted green tea with an exquisite golden color and a satisfying umami flavor worthy of sophisticated palates.

This luxurious Japanese tea, with its delicate spring tea leaves, is not your ordinary hojicha. The complex flavor profile of Hojicha Gold Roast is unique to this single-origin tea, and is as enchanting as its toasted aroma.

Also known as The Champagne of Hojicha, the smooth Hojicha Gold Roast is made from sencha grown in Kyoto, Japan. After being harvested in the early spring, the whole leaves are steamed, rolled, dried, and lightly roasted to create the well-rounded high grade roasted green tea. Since it is made with first flush tea leaves, this tea contains more caffeine than regular hojicha. Hojicha Gold Roast can be enjoyed hot or cold brewed.

Prepare Hojicha Gold Roast by steeping 5 grams of tea leaves in 240 ml of filtered water at 80°C (175°F) or less for 15-30 seconds. Slowly sip this rare variety of hojicha, and let its taste unfold with each subsequent steep. Please feel free to adjust the amount of tea leaves, water quantity or temperature, and steeping time to find your favorite taste.

Hojicha Gold Roast is crafted and packaged fresh in Kyoto, ready to be delivered to your home or shop. Our small batch roasted green tea contains no additives and is made from 100% Japanese green tea.

Ingredients: 100% Japanese green tea
Origin: Kyoto, Japan

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