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Jinsui Kiln, Tokoname City

Large Tokoname Kyusu Teapot

Large Tokoname Kyusu Teapot

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The Large Tokoname Kyusu Teapot is handcrafted for the everyday enjoyment of tea using traditional techniques which have been perfected for more than a thousand years in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

As one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan, Tokoname City has a long history of pottery and is best known for its teapots. The Large Tokoname Kyusu is crafted from carefully selected iron-rich clay which is unique to the region, and brings out the true flavor and aroma of Japanese tea.

The design of the Large Tokoname Kyusu Teapot expertly balances utility and beauty with daily use in mind. It has a perfectly fitted lid, an angled spout, and an ergonomic side handle which make it easier to pour tea among multiple tea cups without any leaks. As a Tokoname ware kyusu, it also features the intricate ceramic strainer known as Ceramesh. Each small hole is handmade one by one from the same material used for the main body of the teapot. The built-in ceramic strainer allows the tea leaves to fully spread and release their flavor, and then keeps them from passing through. The rounded shape of the ceramic strainers covers an area larger than the spout to allow for each last drop of tea to be smoothly poured out.

The Large Tokoname Kyusu Teapot has a dark charcoal finish with warm undertones inspired by nature. The exterior decoration known as Sendan (千段), conveys a sense of luxury with concentric lines that are pleasing to the eye and touch.

The Large Tokoname Kyusu Teapot has a capacity of 360 ml (12 oz) and is suitable for serving 2 people or more, or for pouring the infusion into a large cup or pitcher.

How to brew hojicha in a kyusu

Pour boiling water into the kyusu to heat and rinse the vessel. Discard the water. Add 10g of loose leaf hojicha, and breathe in the aroma as the tea leaves begin to warm. Slowly pour 300 ml of 80°C (175°F) filtered water in a circular motion. Steep for 30 seconds, and repeat as desired. At the end of the tea session, empty and rinse the kyusu. Pour hot water into the kyusu and discard for quick drying. Place in a well ventilated area and allow it to fully dry before covering with the lid.

The more you use the Large Tokoname Kyusu Teapot, the more flavorful the tea will become.

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