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Morimasa Kiln, Tokoname

Black Tokoname Kyusu

Black Tokoname Kyusu

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The Black Tokoname Kyusu is an authentic Japanese teapot designed for both beauty and functionality.

This traditional ceramic kyusu is crafted in the city of Tokoname, home to one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan. The Black Tokoname Kyusu has a pleasing striped texture and red brim accent that reveals the clay used to form the vessel. The iron-rich red clay is distinct to Tokoname, and enhances the flavor of hojicha by bringing out its umami and natural sweetness.

The kyusu has a 310 ml capacity and a built-in stainless steel strainer, providing the hojicha tea leaves with ample room to expand and release their flavor. The fine mesh strainer also makes the kyusu easy to clean and suitable for tea leaves of any size.

This Black Tokoname Kyusu is light with a convenient side handle, which makes it easy to serve tea with one hand. The perfectly fitted lid and and curved spout ensure that no tea is spilled while pouring.

How to care for the Black Tokoname Kyusu

Rinse the kyusu with hot water before use. Once your tea session is done, gently remove the tea leaves while being careful not to push down on the fine mesh strainer. Rinse the kyusu in hot water without the use of any soap or cleaning agents. Let the kyusu air dry naturally, uncovered. Do not place the kyusu on a hot stove top or in the dishwasher.

How to prepare hojicha with the Black Tokoname Kyusu

  • Pour boiling water into the empty kyusu. This will heat up the clay and keep the temperature from dropping while the leaves steep.
  • Pour the water out.
  • Add the hojicha into the kyusu and breath in the sweet fragrance as the leaves begin to steam.
  • Pour in 240 ml of filtered water, using a slow and circular motion.
  • Leave the kyusu uncovered to watch the tea leaves slowly expand and enjoy the soothing aroma.
  • Steep the hojicha according to the directions on the package.
  • Cover the kyusu by placing the lid with the vent hole in the same direction as the spout, then pour the hojicha.
  • Remove the lid, and sip on your hojicha.
  • Repeat as many times as you’d like, increasing the steep time when the flavor begins to fade.
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