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Hojicha Grown in Kyoto

Since the beginning of our journey, we have been committed to offering the most authentic hojicha, which is why we exclusively source green tea grown in the Uji, Kyoto area. The famed Japanese tea region is where roasted green tea was first introduced in the 1920s, and has been perfecting hojicha production for almost a hundred years now. Uji, Kyoto produces some of the finest teas from across Japan, known as Uji-cha.

Featured Products

  • Single-Origin Loose Leaf Tea

    Our loose leaf hojicha is sourced directly from the tea farm, and each loose tea in our collection is carefully selected from a single point of origin. The aroma and the distinct flavor characteristics of our hojicha are unique to its field, creating tea tasting experiences unlike any other. Every new harvest presents an opportunity to rediscover our collection.

  • Bold & Original Taste

    Our loose leaf hojicha achieve their bold and complex flavor by being produced using the whole tea plant instead of being overly refined. Deeply roasted green tea leaves offer a pleasing, smoky taste while stems impart a satisfying natural sweetness that few teas can offer. While tea blending and additives are often used to tone down and alter the taste of commercial loose leaf tea, our hojicha contains no additives, and no unnecessary processing that would keep you from appreciating its true origins.